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NFL Draft Recap: Draft Losers

Posted: April 29, 2012 in NFL, NFL Draft
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I hate using the term “losers” because that really isn’t accurate . Teams target specific players for their system, so it’s hard to know what they are thinking one day after the draft. Having said that, there are three teams based on my rankings and how I view players that I think could have done better in this draft. We’ll see how it plays out. If I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to say so.



NFL Draft Recap: Draft Winners

Posted: April 29, 2012 in NFL, NFL Draft
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I don’t really like all the draft winners and losers stuff but I know others enjoy it. I don’t give out grades. I have no idea what it means to say a team’s draft was a “B.” If we really wanted to grade drafts we would do it three years later. Based on my opinion and how I had players ranked, there were teams that did well and didn’t do well. Of course the next question is; what the hell do I know? Anyway, here are five teams I thought really improved themselves through the draft.



The NFL Draft has finally come to an end but my work is never done. Remember a lot of good NFL and fantasy players get drafted after the third round, so let’s take a look at some of the later round picks that could have fantasy value either this year or down the road. Also, I will have a lot of draft recap stuff, updated position rankings and a new fantasy rookie draft coming this week, so be sure and check back often for your football fix.

Note: I will be updating this post throughout the day Saturday as picks come in.

Chris Givens, WR Rams
The Rams did work in this draft. I love what St. Louis has done. Look at this team on Saturday compared to Thursday and how much talent they’ve added. Givens doesn’t have the upside of Brian Quick but he may be more NFL-ready. Givens is an excellent route runner and I think the combination of of the two rookies is just what the doctor ordered for Sam Bradford. Last year Bradford burned a lot of fantasy owners. I think he redeems himself this season.

Lamar Miller, RB Dolphins
I’m not a Miller fan. I’ve stated many times that he reminds me a lot of Felix Jones. Both guys run in a straight line. They have no wiggle to them and can’t make defenders miss. Remember Chris Henry that came out of Arizona a few years ago? People fell in love with him and Henry ended up going in Round 2 for reasons I didn’t understand. You put the tape on and it’s basically the exact same player. I didn’t like Henry and I don’t like Miller. I can’t see Miller getting on the field a lot as a rookie playing behind Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas.

Joe Adams, WR Panthers
I don’t know how much Adams will contribute at receiver as a rookie but I do know he’s the best return man in this draft. I think Adams will initially help the Panthers on special teams but in time he could also emerge as a dangerous slot receiver for Carolina.

Orson Charles, TE Bengals
This is an interesting pick. No one loves Jermaine Gresham more than I do, except maybe his mother. However, with the NFL being a copycat league more and more teams will be going to the Patriots two tight end offense. Charles was inconsistent at Georgia but if you’re talking about pure physical ability, he may be the most talented tight end in this class. Charles is a guy to keep an eye on. If he puts it all together the Bengals will have gotten a steal here. I like this pick a lot for Cincinnati. I think Charles has some fantasy sleeper possibility to him in 2012 and even more so in the future.



My God, I feel like the draft has been on for three weeks. As Rodney Dangerfield said in Back to School; “I feel like I just gave birth…to an accountant.” I have so many players and numbers running through my head I don’t even know where I am anymore. Still, I found time to crank out a post looking at the fantasy value of some of the players selected in Rounds 2 and 3 of the draft. I lead off with my top sleeper in this year’s draft who landed with the perfect team for fantasy owners.



We really only had one round of the draft on Thursday? Jesus, I feel like I gave birth and there were only 32 picks.  A lot of talent still on the board for teams to pick from in Rounds 2 and 3. My two favorite players are Nebraska LB Lavonte David and Oregon RB LaMichael James. David, in particular, will be a big-time steal for a team in Round 2. I think he’s a future Pro Bowl linebacker. Also, Devon Still – my top rated defensive tackle – is still on the board.

For the rest of the draft I won’t comment on every single selection. Instead I will focus on picks with fantasy interest and those like David, Still or Courtney Upshaw that have general interest to football fans. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and read my Round 1 blog. Check back often on Friday, as I will have the second and third rounds covered as well.

33. Rams – Brian Quick, WR Appalachian State
A big guy with speed that should come in and help the Rams passing game as a rookie. However, I do think Quick is still a little raw and has a ways to go with his route-running. He’ll be a sexy pick in fantasy circles but while I think he has value he’ll likely get over-drafted. Still, Quick could be special down the road. Love him in keeper leagues. He has a ton of potential.

34. Colts – Coby Fleener, TE Stanford
One of the best picks in the draft so far. The Colts have nothing at tight end. Fleener will come right in and start. Oh, and he’ll be catching passes from his college teammate, Andrew Luck. I like Fleener so much as a second fantasy tight end right now I don’t even know if I can call him a sleeper. He’ll be in my Top 20 when I release my tight end rankings this week.

35. Ravens – Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB Alabama
The Ravens do it again. In my opinion this pick is the epitome of why Baltimore is the best drafting team in the NFL. They pounce on big school guys once they slide. I don’t care what anyone says this kid can play and he ended up in the absolute perfect spot. I love watching the Ravens draft.

39. Rams – Janoris Jenkins, CB North Alabama
There’s no question about this kid’s talent. Watching this kid on tape he was smooth and had great footwork. I think he would have been the second corner off the board if he didn’t have character issues. It’s a gamble. Personally I wouldn’t take these guys because I think you make out by passing more times than not, but the gamble could pay off big for the Rams if he stays clean.

41. Bills – Cordy Glenn, OT/G Georgia
I like Glenn. I think he has a lot of versatility to play guard or right tackle. I like him more at guard because he’s better when engaged with a defender but I think this helps pick upgrade Buffalo’s offensive line regardless.

42. Dolphins – Jonathan Martin, OT Stanford
Once considered a Top 10 pick, Martin slips to the Dolphins at 42. There are a lot of different opinions on Martin but I’m one of the guys that likes him. I think getting him at 42 is great value for Miami. Like this pick a lot.

43. Jets – Stephen Hill, WR Georgia Tech
The Jets desperately needed a speed receiver and they get one in Hill. I love Hill’s upside but there are a couple of things that concern me with him right off the bat. First, he’s raw, so Hill will need time to develop. I think he can be a Torrey Smith/Denarius Morre kind of player as a rookie. Second, do the Jets have a quarterback to get Hill the ball? He’ll be primarily a deep threat early on but Mark Sanchez doesn’t throw a great deep ball. I don’t mind the pick but for fantasy purposes, I’ll pass.

45. Bears – Alshon Jeffery, WR South Carolina
At one time my No. 2 rated player in this draft class. Jeffery is the ultimate boom or bust player. If he keeps his head on straight and stays focused, the Bears will have themselves the steal of the draft. If not, you’ll barely ever see Jeffery play. Again, I would always pass on guys like this even though I used to love Jeffery. I just think you win a lot more than you lose if you pass on guys that don’t have the motivation to come to the Combine in shape and ready to answer questions. That’s just mind-boggling to me.

50. Rams – Isaiah Pead, RB Cincinnati
Anyone who follows my blog knows that I love Pead. I think he has the ability to be an every-down NFL running back at some point. Pead will start off as the Rams third-down back but he’s also a much better inside runner than most people think. With Steven Jackson getting older, Pead should be on your fantasy radar this season. Also, I love the Rams draft so far. They needed to add a lot of talent and they are doing just that.



Well, after blogging about every single pick in Round 1 I took a 30 minute break and now it’s time to look at each offensive skill player that was selected. There were a lot of picks I liked in the first round for fantasy purposes. Here is an early reaction to the first round and thoughts on where the players should be ranked by fantasy owners.


Happy Draft Day everyone! The NFL Draft is my favorite three days (or is it 10 days now?) of the year. I will be running a live blog all three days where I give an initial reaction to each selection, along with early fantasy thoughts when relevant. Stop by throughout the draft and check out my cockeyed opinions. Also, feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you think things are going. Have fun and enjoy the draft.

1. Colts – Andrew Luck, QB Stanford
–Luck is now the face of the Colts franchise. He has huge shoes to fill and I don’t mean those of Curtis Painter. On paper, Luck has every single thing to be successful in the NFL. Hopefully for his sake the organization builds a quality team around him. Luck becomes a nice later round fantasy sleeper. He has two proven receivers in Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie and the Colts will likely be playing from behind a lot. However, Luck will need some luck to last the season behind that dreadful offensive line.

2. Redskins – Robert Griffin III, Baylor
–I give Mike Shanahan a hard time but being objective Griffin is a perfect fit for what Shanahan likes to do on offense. Griffin is a pocket passer but he’s also very accurate throwing the ball on rollouts and bootlegs. I like the look of this Redskins team. Their speed on offense with Griffin, Roy Helu, Pierre Garcon, Leonard Hankerson and Fred Davis is scary. I think RG3 will make an immediate fantasy impact. He won’t put up Cam Newton-type numbers as a rookie but at worst Griffin will be a solid spot starter for fantasy owners like Andy Dalton was last year. History suggests that either Luck or Griffin will disappoint but on paper they both look like great prospects.

3. Browns – Trent Richardson, RB Alabama
–The Browns trade up a spot with the Vikings to select one of the best running back prospects in recent memory. This is a great move for both the Browns and fantasy owners. Richardson will get almost all of the touches from Day 1 and he should have a big rookie season. He won’t get out of Round 2 in most fantasy drafts. I think the kid is an absolute stud.

4. Vikings – Matt Kalil, OT USC
Taking a tackle early isn’t sexy but this was the right selection for Minnesota. The Vikings offensive line was dreadful last year and if you have a young quarterback like Christian Ponder you either get him weapons or you protect him. The Vikings chose the latter and it was a good move.

5. Jaguars – Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State
This is a good move for Jacksonville and Blaine Gabbert but it sucks for fantasy owners. This was the worst possible landing spot for Blackmon in terms of fantasy football. Gabbert may end up being the guy in Jacksonville but that passing game has to improve by leaps and bounds if Blackmon is going to make fantasy owners happy.

6. Cowboys – Morris Claiborne, CB LSU
I’m a little drunk but did Jerry Jones move up to No. 6, get Claiborne and not give up next year’s No.1? That’s the best move Jerry Jones has ever made. I’m absolutely giddy right now. Not even I can complain about this trade and pick and I love to complain. I haven’t been this happy since Dallas drafted Roy Williams. Uh-Oh.

7. Bucs – Mark Barron, S Alabama
This pick is kind of surprising but once Dallas came up and nabbed Claiborne the Bucs went with the top playmaking safety in the draft. I love Barron and I like the Bucs getting extra picks but I would be lying if I said the pick didn’t surprise me.

8. Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, QB Texas A&M
This was the easiest pick to call in the draft outside of the first two. Miami had to make this selection in my opinion. I don’t believe Tannehill is ready to start right away but he’ll likely be their starter in 2013. He has upside but he also has a lot of question marks.

9. Panthers – Luke Kuechly, LB Boston College
I had this one nailed for a month now. I thought Kuechly was the perfect pick for Carolina. It just fit. This is one of the best talent/need picks so far in the draft. Excellent decision by the Panthers.

10. Bills – Stephon Gilmore, CB South Carolina
I like Gilmore but I didn’t love this pick. I would have rather seen the Bills go Michael Floyd here. I don’t buy into the “you need corners to be the Patriots” theory. I think you have to outscore the Pats. The Bills upgraded their defense in free agency. I would have liked Floyd to team with Steve Johnson.